Towing eyes

The group of eyelet and ball hitches is one of the most numerous in the Scharmüller range. Covers all kinds of drawbar tips that are used in trailers, agricultural and industrial machines, etc.


Flange: the flange catch is one of the more popular, we distinguish between horizontal and vertical flanges. They occur in a very large variety of dimensions and types: eyelet d40, d50, with bearing, turnable, K80, K110 and many more. They are characterized by a high vertical pressure factor, they work well in machines such as: manure spreader, slurry tanker, sprayer, etc.


For welding: these hitches perform better in classic trailers with a turntable. They have high strength parameters for pulling, but limited level of resistance to vertical pressure.



Turnable with casing: one of the strongest tiller hitches available on the market. They are successfully used in machines with a maximum gross weight (DMC) exceeding 30 tonnes. Very high vertical pressure coefficient allows for safe aggregation of machines such as tandem / tridem trailer, the heaviest spreaders, slurry tankers, etc. The universal console allows to exchange inserts in any way depending on the need.



For disconnecting: more universal hithes than welding version. They retain welding hitches properties while providing greater convenience, as they do not require precise welding in each drawbar. Some of the constructions have increased parameters of vertical pressure, which allows them to be aggregated with larger machines: root cutters, cultivating machines, sprayers, etc.


Specific with the console: some machines require use of complicated hitches, for example: to lower the coupling point or extend the drawbar construction. This is what the consoles are used for.


Angled: most common in harvesters like: Grimme, Wuhlmaus etc. They allow to lower the coupling point and often to extend the drawbar. They are available in K80 and classic eye versions.


Serrated: here, in turn, we deal with hitches that have a remarkable control property. When using them, we can select the angle of towing hitch heads in any way. It is especially useful in machines with variable hitch position. We meet them for example in rolling presses Krone, Sipma, Claas, John Deere.