Three Point Hitch Components

The three-point linkage system (TUZ) is a separate machine fastening system independent of the ladders. Most of agricultural tractors are equipped with such a solution, not counting machines with extremely high powers, in which the installation of the rear suspension system is sometimes entirely abandoned. The linkage consists of a lower link system that, in combination with the upper link, forms a three-point linkage. Scharmüller also produces elements of this system.


The three-point linkage system (TUZ) suspensions: alternative to flange towing eyes, can be mount in instead of them. They provide more convenience when driving on the headlands and during hitching the machines.


Hooks: traditional hook at the end of pull rods allow for increased ergonomics and comfort of work. Thanks to them even the older tractors become comfortable and ergonomic like the newest equipment.


Fieldbus: allow you to aggregate machines using a traditional beam connecting the tractor rods. Some specialized machines require a similar solution, hardened Scharmüller rails will allow you to solve the problem of connecting unusual devices in a convenient and safe way.



Adaptive flange: allows you to adapt the machines to an individual coupling system. Sometimes the specificity of using machines, or the fact that the tractor with which they are aggregated requires individual solutions determine the need for unusual solutions. This is what adaptive flanges are used for.