Pick-up Hitches

These are complicated structures of bottom catches, that allowes to an easier aggregate accompanying machines. The hook, or the K80 tip, whitch is lowered or pulled out allows to attach a trailer or other device quickly. However, the degree of complexity of the device makes them difficult to construct and relatively expensive. Tractors equipped with this type of equipment are often found in England, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, etc. The most effective way to use a tractor equipped with a pickup hitch is to mount a short ladder and an upper automatic or manual cartridge (clevis type) on it. This solution allows to aggregate tractor with any machines we need.


Standard: full PUH constructions are an alternative to standard and long ladders. They allow for safe aggregation of tractors with accompanying machines on both standard hooks, straight drawbars and the modern K80 tip. The principle of the pickuphitch operation is based on its own hydraulic cylinder or the use of the tractor rear suspension system. We are talking then about PUH controlled hydraulically or mechanically.



K80 cartridges: the K80 ball tip can be used in any older PUH version instead of a standard hook or drawbar. The structure is similar to carrier plates, but usually it is a thick beam finished with a K80 ball together with the holder. They are homologated most often for the value it has in the admission of the PUH to which it is intended. Therefore, there are no tips with higher vertical pressure ratios than 3000 kg. The pick up hitch tips are usually quite short and the distance betwin the trailer coupling point and the tractor is not too large. This sometimes causes turning problems, if the accompanying machine does not have a long drawbar, pay attention to the collision with the tractor wheels during a sharp turn. For K80 ball tipp, we can easily mount the K50 axle-controlled steering syste