Inserts for ladder hitches

Cartridge inserts are the core of the idea of quick-change ladder hitches. They allow you to aggregate any machines in any place of the ladder you need. Each of the insert can work both in the upper and lower position. In addition, they allow you to change this position in just a few seconds, making the tractor a more universal machine.


We distinguish several types of inserts:


PitonFix: it is a bolt coupling adapted for aggregation with tow eyes with a ring diameter 50 mm. It is a very strong catch commonly used as a bottom coupling, although it can work in any other position of the ladder. It is characterized by high resistance to vertical pressure, performs well in machines such as: spreaders, tanker, sprayer, tandem/tridem trailers, etc.

K80: one of the latest coupling systems, the only one that allows for a completely backlash-free connection of a tractor with the machine. Eliminates clearance at the tractor-machine interface which increases durability, improves comfort and ergonomics, allows the machine to work under a larger account with respect to the tractor (allowed to work in difficult conditions, such as mines, forests…). K80 cartridges are used to aggregate similar machines like pitonfixes.


ISO50, passenger cars: this type of connection is similar to that used in passenger cars. It is used to aggregate small trailers or machines and is based on the k50 ball. They can be mounted on any commercially available adaptive plate, and applied in all possible agricultural tractors.

Cat. 2 catches (pin 31.5 mm): it is a combination of a traditional field drawbar with a contribution to the ladder. It allows to easy aggregate of small machines in any position of the ladder hitch.