Heavy Duty Drawbars

These are the most powerful solutions that allow the aggregation of the heaviest machines, the permissible total weight (DMC) of which often exceeds 30 tonnes. They are mounted at the bottom of the ladder in place of the classic field drawbar. Bolted in two places provide a safe and secure way to aggregate trailers and machines with heavy vertical pressure on the drawbar. They provides much greater possibilities to agregate heavy loades than the classic K80 or PitonFix ball inserts.


Standard: standard carrier plate is a product dedicated strictly to the tractor model. It is intended only for lower aggregation of machines whose construction determines a high pressure on the drawbar such as: manure spreader, slurry tanker, sprayer, potato harvester, beet harrow, cultivating machines, etc. They are produced with a K80 ball and PitonFix. For K80 ball plates, we can easily mount the K50 axle-controlled steering system .



For assembly / confectioning: like the standard mounting plate, there are K80 and PitonFix versions , however, they differ in their construction. They are simpler to build, have standardized dimensions and the possibility of any processing in order to adapt to the client’s personal needs. The purchaser of the carrier plate in order to mount it must drill in the appropriate way the fixing holes and possibly remove the excess material. Only then such plate can be mounted. Similarly to standard plates, they also have the option of using the K50 axle-controlled steering system.