The field catch known colloquially as the field boom is one of the oldest and most widespread bottom catches used in farm tractors. It comes in several categories ranging from a thin strip ending with a 31.5 mm bolt to very thick, long and strong field beams used in tracked tractors. Classic drawbars have several valued advantages such as: simplicity of execution, comfort of work, adjustable length of extension. Such solutions allow an easy way to move the coupling point away from the tractor, which facilitates maneuvering, especially at headlands. Unfortunately, they also have one very important disadvantage: the more extended drawbar, the permissible vertical pressure on the tip of the drawbar decreases. Therefore, extreme caution is recommended when aggregating heavy machines on the drawbar.


Standard: straight or bent drawbars dedicated to a specific tractor model. Finished with a bolt, they do not have an additional fixing, they can only be used in ladders with special fasteners. The assembly consists in inserting the product into the fastening, locking under the rear axle by the bolt and blocking in the body with two locking bolts.


Connection sets: straight or bent drawbars dedicated to a specific tractor model. Equipped with a separate mounting system, they can be used in laders without fastening. Installation requires screwing the appropriate system under the rear axle of the tractor and most often in the body of the ladder.



Consoles, inserts for bodies, execution with a handle: in this group you will find all the elements that allow you to mount the drawbar in a tractor without a body or having a ladder not adapted to it. They complement the range and make a cheaper alternative if you need to replace the whole ladder.