Agricultural fair Agro Show 2018


The next Agro Show in Bednary near Posen are fast approaching. In less than a month, we woud have the next opportunity to meet you. Traditionally, we invite you to visit our stand number 550 (route 5) on September 20-23, 2018.





Agricultural fair Agro Tech Minikowo 2018


Thank you all for visiting our stand during this year’s edition of the Agrotech exhibition in Minikowo. As usual, it was very nice to meet you, talk to you, listen to valuable comments! We invite you to visit us next year. Below are a few photos from this year’s edition.


Torsion bar instead of the standard tip

The Scharmüller company introduce a very interesting solution being an alternative to the standard drawbar end. Replacing the flange catch with any machine will allow it to be aggregated using a three-point suspension system. What increases the ergonomics of work, makes it easier to drive the machine on headlands, helps in hitching and unhitching and improves operator comfort.


Program for high power tractors 390/25/32

The Scharmüller company constantly enlarges its catch program also for high-power tractors. Products with a spacing of 390/25/32 are intended for them. The convenience of use and the highest strength parameters determine our products to work with the largest machines.


Anti-theft lock

According to the order UE 2015/208 (Attachment XVIII) the vehicle user is obliged to secure his vehicle against theft. You are protected with the new Schradüller K80 lock.

There are Available versions for ball hooks K50, K80, K110.