Ladder hitches

The ladder hitch is one of the basic element of a modern farm tractor. It is thanks to him that the machine becomes fully universal, comfortable, ergonomic and the aggregation of even the heaviest loads becomes fully safe. The idea of quick-setting allows you to use universal inserts in any available position. Pitonfix or K80 inserts can be successfully aggregated in the bottom position and in the upper part of the ladder hitch.


We distinguish several types of ladder hitches:


Short: used most often in combination with a pickuphitch (PUH) or another bottom hook. When the tractor has a functional lower catch, it is most convenient to equip it with a short ladder and a transport hook used to aggregate classic trailers. Thanks to this solution the tractor becomes fully functional and much more universal.

Standard: it is most offen used ladder hitch. It allows you to use inserts in any position. Sometime he is also equipped in drawbar mounting elements. In this case, there is a welded-in or bolted-on mounting bar at the bottom of the ladder.

Long: has elongated ladder rails allowing to mount the inserts in low position. Can be found in tractors that require the ability to aggregate specialized machines whose design requires a low coupling.

Closed with a built-in K80 hook, Pitonfix: thise types of hooks are very strong and durable. They allow you to safetly aggregat heavy tandem/tridem machines, with high pressure on the drawbar. Additionally, they have the possibility of installing the K50 axle steering control system. That kind of ladder hitches are also available in versions with additional mounting system for the drawbar at the bottom