Forced Stearing Parts

More and more often we encounter the necessity of enforced axle steering. This solution is applied in both the largest tandem or tridem trailers as well as small machines such as a trailed sprayers. We can steer the axis by K50 steering systems.


We have several methods of assembly:


Assembly to ladders: modern ladders often have the possibility of screwing in an integrated steering system. We can do this in a few different ways: by screwing in the appropriate K50 tips, fixing them, welding them or mounting them in place of the drawbar.

Mounting to heavy duty drawbars: similarly to the ladders, the HD Drawbars also have the option of using the K50-axis steering. Here, we usually done this by screwing the appropriate element to the K80.


Assembly for pickuphitch K80 inserts: also pickuphitch have the option of using the K50 steering axle steering system. Here we only have the possibility to mount a double-sided control.


Assembly for K80 ball inserts: K80 ball cartridges are one of the most widespread catches, they also have the possibility of integration with the K50 axle steering system. This is usually done by screwing the appropriate element to the existing insert. It does not interfere with the aggregation of the insert at any position of the ladder.



K50 fasteners: this group consists of K50 ends mounted on pistons of the axle on the accompanying machine. The K50 ball offers much more possibilities and convenience than competition solutions based on a traditional pin. We differentiate the tips with and without holders.


K50 assembly kits: they complement the K50 tip assortment, allowing almost any machine to be equipped with this system.