Components and Special Solutions

In this group, we find a lot of different, often unusual and interesting solutions. Their use allow to equip almost any machine with any coupling system: hook, ball, K80, K110, pitonfix, etc. The most interesting of them are:


Emergency release system: a system for immediate, emergency unhitching of a accompanying machine developed by Scharmüller engineers. In emergency situations like a fire, a dumper etc. with a single button, the tractor operator can unplug the machine and drive away to a safe place. Statistics show that only in Europe the number of machines that undergo various accidents during the year can be counted in thousands. Many of them could be avoided with the help of the following solution.



K80 welding ball: a safe way to regenerate or mount the K80 ball is to use a welding ball. Only this solution (and the screw-on version described below) allows you to safely and comfortably regenerate the K80 ball coupling or build your own version of such a coupling. The welding ball looks as follows.


K80 angular balls: available in ball and pitonfix versions. This type of hitches can be screwed almost anywhere it is required: for the adapter plate, console, drawbar, specialist machine or truck.


K80 angular balls to be disconnected from the console: special designs of angle balls, most often for attaching some tractors to the upper link.


Repair kits for screwing: apart from welding balls, they are the only fully safe way to regenerate a damaged K80 ball, pitonfix or field drawbar, we can also to mount them in individually made hitch.



Flansh ball PKW: a section dedicated to K50 balls used in road transport and specialized devices.



Towing hooks: the simplest solutions for emergency towing of machines.



K110: K110 coupling system is designed for the heaviest machines, used successfully in industry and agriculture. Allows to achieve an acceptable vertical load in size of even 15,000 kg.



The K150 wheeled saddle: another of the inventions developed by Scharmüller’s engineers is a ball coupling system for trucks. It allows cars to work in much heavier conditions like traditional saddles.


Consoles for tractors / consoles for machines: these are solutions allowing for safe aggregation of machines and tractors with any chosen attachments.



NATO hooks: solutions successfully used in military machines, industry and car transport.