Clevis types

They are used to aggregate traditional trailers with a turntable. They are very resistant to pulling, but they are more sensitive to vertical pressure. In contrast to the K80 and PitonFix cartridges, they have a rotating throat that increases transport safety and secures the tractor in the event of a rollover. They can be used in any position the ladder allows, however, it should be remembered that limited resistance to vertical pressure determines the need for caution when aggregating tandem / tridem machines. In the case of intensive and long-lasting aggregation of transport hooks with machines having large vertical pressure on the drawbar, there is a risk of damage.



Transport hooks with adaptive plate: They are basic equipment for every tractor and are mainly used for aggregating machines that do not have or have a small vertical pressure on the drawbar. We divide into automatic and manual. Scharmüller as the only manufacturer in the world introduced a widened throat equipped with additional spacers allowing aggregation of even an unusual type of eyelet.


Transport hooks made with a flange: Usually mounted as additional equipment for agricultural trailers, combine harvesters and other machines. We find them wherever aggregation of more than one machine is needed. They are available in several flange spacers, the most popular being 140×80 and 160×100 mm.


Transport hooks for forklifts (Minimat): as the name suggests, they are used in forklifts, meleks, special cars, etc. The diameter of the bolt in this type of solutions is 25 mm, flange dimensions are 120×55.


Transport hooks made with a console: these are used as a special execution for various types of machines, old farm tractors not equipped with a ladder, specialized machines, etc.