A department dedicated to component of complete products and all kinds of additions to a wide range. They allow the tractor hitch to become more versatile, comfortable and safe.


Adaptation plates with a handle: adaptive plates come in many different spacing, there are several dozen on the market. Each of the leading manufacturers has at least several of them, in order to ensure the possibility of retrofitting virtually every tractor, Scharmüller produces plates in each of the available spacing (all plate spacings in trade can be found in the Key dimensions tab)

Weld plates: these are used to screw the towing eyes, which is required for safe aggregation of the machine with the tractor. They are made of quality weldable steel and are used to weld the accompanying machine into the drawbar. They come in various sizes adapted to the flange towing eyes.


Bolts plates: they complement the range of slabs to be welded, they allow screwing to the existing plate welded plate. Bolts plates are needet to use a flange towing eye with a different bolt spacing than mounted in the machine.



Unlocking system levers: used to unlock automatic hooks from the tractor cab. They are used to increase the operator’s comfort and the ergonomics of work. They are predominantly dedicated to a given tractor model.


The unlocking system: Bowden cables are used to connect the unlocking levers with the automaton mounted in the body of the ladder. They come in different lengths and with different ending elements.


Locking pin: there are at least several dozen different locking bolts on the market, in this section you will find them all. Simple, barrel, with and without release handle.



Locking elements: in case of damage the locking elements K80 or pitonfix, we can replace the mechanisms themselves.



Housing, sleeve: if necessary, we can provide the mount itself to the tip.


Bolt sets: each element should be properly screwed in, Scharmüller offers factory bolt sets with the appropriate parameters for each of the manufactured hooks.


Cover: one of the most important elements of the ball hook, which customers often forget is a cover and a dust-proof sponge. Only in combination with covers, dust -proof sponges and appropriate lubrication we will be able to use the K80 or K110 hook for many years.


Unimog side pulls: specialized devices such as Unimogi also require appropriate couplers.



Anti-theft blockade: we all know that sometimes, most common for unknown reasons, hooks or even entire machines change owners. Anti-theft locks are a way to avoid these unpleasant situations.